CRM Expertise:

Resh Solution CRM consulting service is built on deep domain expertise, detailed process knowledge and extensive experience with industry standard On-Demand and SaaS applications. Every IT solution demands both strategic and technological expertise, and Resh Solutions possesses the deep expertise needed to help you drive business change. We can help you assess your situation, prepare for change and develop short- and long-term strategies. We offer following services:

  • At Resh Solutions, our experienced CRM specialists ensure that your company utilise the full potential of the sales and CRM tool.  We do so by offering consulting and implementation assistance, custom development and remote support to anywhere in the world making it as easy as possible to share and manage business information.
  • Our CRM practice specializes in customizing Zoho HR, Zoho CRM & Zoho Finance suite of applications. We provide consulting, implementation, training, support and remote administration services. YES CRM team has worked on multiple implementation projects in various industries including E-commerce, Education, IT, Finance, Manufacturing, Tourism, Healthcare etc. Our team has immense experience of working and delivering Zoho solutions to clients based in India & abroad. We study, understand your business processes, system requirements and provide solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • We build enterprise-class applications on’s powerful on-demand platform. Deliver all your company’s business applications in a single environment with one data model, one sharing model, and one user interface. The platform provides rich development, testing and deployment capabilities to deliver business applications as a service on the cloud.
  • The cloud platform makes building applications and Web sites faster and easier than ever. It includes a database, security, workflow, user interface, and other tools that step you through the process.

Contract Life Cycle Management:

  • Our CLM expertise revolves around customising and implementing the CMx- suit of products comprising of Contact Management, Document/Record Management and e-signature solutions to customers across the globe.
  • We will team up with you, bringing to the table experience implementing CMx , to help you to proactively prepare to onboard your contracting processes to the CMx Platform. This will free up your resources to provide strategic business and process inputs rather than spending time on the tactical inputs needed to start the platform implementation.

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